Strain Canes


About The Original Strain Canes...


Strain canes came about from a simple desire to utilize the whole cannabis plant. For years I pondered on what could be used out of the stalks of this beautiful plant. We all hear of hemp products and its various uses but I always wondered what about the actual wood of the plant.

So a few years ago my wife and I started collecting stalks and working with them. After various techniques we found a unique process that enables us to accent the stalk to bring out even more of its beauty. During this process I was diagnosed with stage 3 bladder cancer. Halting a passion that my wife and I had found.

Having to put Strain Canes on hold for a little while, My wife and I worked to get through all the surgeries and treatments. Always wanting to get back to our passion of working with the cannabis plant. Currently in remission, we have devoted all of our time to making this dream come true.

Being an avid cannabis user my whole adult life I have seen the many medicinal uses that cannabis has to offer, This is yet another aspect of what can be made out of this industrious plant. 

Please join us in our special journey. We would love it if you would... We hope you enjoy our passion and our art.. Thank you from Heidi and Scott.