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Limited edition Sensi Master walking staff..58'' tall.

Limited edition Sensi Master walking staff..58'' tall.


We have special stalks that we deem as the best of the best. Huge stalks that we turn into works of art that will last a lifetime. Limited edition means we only have the one you see in the photo. We will not be able to duplicate them due to their unique characteristics. We encourage the true collector to get these while they last. This is a true beauty as well. This is a 58’’ Sensi Master we sourced from our friends at High Country Genetic in Mendocino. This staff is very rigid. The textures are amazing on this one and we sculpted the root formation to make way for a quartz crystal mounted on top. All Strain Canes are very light. And this one is no exception .You can take these on hikes and walks our simply hang it on a wall to be enjoyed for a life time. All our walking sticks are super light. Usually weighing no more than 2 pounds.The more rigid ones are for the aggressive hiker who rely on his stick for stability .Other walking sticks we make are for the casual hiker who basically just use it for a little extra balance. Depending on your need we can make just about any size you are looking for. whether your into hiking or just collecting one of a kind cannabis art we got what you are looking for. Be one of the first to own a one of a kind Strain Cane. Thank you for allowing us to take you to higher ground.

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